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Dec3D Workshop at Web3D2013 in San Sebastian

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A major event for researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, experimenters, artists and content creators, focused on new 3D Web and Multimedia technologies. The Dec3D2013 workshop will take place on June 20-22, 2013, in San Sebastian, Spain.
Official website here.

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Kinect 1.7 SDK Released

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The new Kinect SDK will be release on 18th March. This release should include a new and improved Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and a new Interaction flow management, that should allow the recognition of new gesture at library level, such as push, grip and support for smart ways to accommodate multiple users and two-person interactions.

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Accelerating Shadow Rays Using Volumetric Occluders

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A paper focused on the use of volumetric occluders stored within a kd-tree in order to accelerate shadow rays cast on a closed, watertight mesh. Intersection with a volumetric occluder is much cheaper than intersection with mesh geometry, although performing these intersections requires modification to the traversal order through the kd-tree.
Authors' approach provides a performance improvement of up to 2.0x for their test scenes while producing images identical to those produced by the unaccelerated baseline.
Authors: Peter Djeu and Sean Keely, University of Texas at Austin; Warren Hunt, Intel Labs.
Pdf version at this link.

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Using the Doppler Effect to sense gestures

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Microsoft Research has presented a new technology (called Soundwave) that allows users to control the software on their computers with the movement of their hands.
The goal is reached without using camera (like Kinect): Soundwave relies only on speaker and microfone, and uses the Doppler Effect (at human-inaudible frequency tone) to recognize various gestures, when the user moves hands in front of the screen interrupting the tone.
It's an interesting technology because of does not need any hardware sensor other then microphone and speakers that are already present on common device (pc and mobile).
Info can be found here.

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WWW2012 - Declarative 3D for the Web Architecture

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The Dec3D2012 workshop will take place on Tuesday morning, April 17th 2012, Lyon, as part of WWW2012 Meeting.
The aim of the workshop is to encourage researchers from both the Web and 3D graphics communities to meet and talk about an integration of interactive 3D graphics capabilities into the Web technology stack. The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for the communities, in which participants can:

  • Present and discuss approaches to publishing 3D graphics on the Web in a declarative way;
  • Discuss how the general principles, that are/were valid for the Web, translate to 3D declarative graphics, what are the difficulties, how can that goal be achieved in the current ecosystem of web development;
  • Explore how the incorporation of declarative 3D graphics can be done in currently popular web browsers; we expect to showcase innovative applications that deeply integrate 3D graphics and HTML, among others, Fraunhofer and DFKI will report on X3DOM and XML3D as models for an easy to use 3D hypermedia publishing frameworks;
  • Shape the agenda and identify upcoming research issues for the next development stage of the 3D Web.
The program of the workshop is here.

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Populating and browsing 3D collections

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Some slide focused on the populating and browsing of a repository of digital contents with multimedia and 3D artifacts, which is enriched with semantical information; it shows a tipical workflow on 3D collections.
The paper is published within 3DCOFORM project.
Author: Sebastian Pena Serna (Fraunhofer Institute)
Slide shared here.

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HTML-5 for mobile

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Here are a few interesting articles about the use of HTML-5 for the mobile, comparison between web-apps and native apps, design and user experience on mobile devices using HTML-5.
Mobile web vs native (J.Clark)
Designing Tapworthy Mobile Apps (J.Clark)
Mobifying Your HTML-5 Site (E.Bidelman)
HTML-5 from a mobile perspective (J.Grigsby)
Some resources for developers:
Trying to understand HTML-5 compatibility on mobile and tablet browsers
JQuery HTML-5 based UI Framework for Smartphones and Tablet
WhatWG HTML-5 Specification
Mozilla HTML-5 Specification
W3C HTML-5 Specification and API

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Developing Web Applications with COLLADA and X3D

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This whitepaper is intended to assist developers in understanding the similarities and differences between COLLADA and X3D, the design goals that informed their development, and how and where the two standards are used in practical applications. Rather than making a decision between the two technologies, many implementers will find that COLLADA and X3D can be used together as a powerful tool set for developing their Web and enterprise applications.
Authors: Dr. Rèmi Arnaud (Sony Computer Entertainment) and Tony Parisi (Media Machines, Inc.)
Pdf version at this link.

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A survey on multimedia database

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This paper is an interesting survey of multimedia database, showing the evolution of Multimedia Database Systems and derives a list of open issues to be handled in the future.
Authors: Harald Kosch and Mario Döller, Institute of Information Technology, University Klagenfurt, Austria.
Pdf version at this link.

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Temporal Database Applications

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This whitepaper is focused on methodologies for manage manage time-varying data in databases. This article show different approaches that have been introduced for developing time-oriented database application, on top of existing DBMS technologies. Then, authors addressed several issues concerning developing a technique that enables database designers to understand the way in which time-varying behavior can be modeled and mapped into tabular form.
Authors: Sami M. Halawani and Nashwan A. Al-Romema, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia
Pdf version at this link.

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